Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nursing Woes

My son, Joshua is a little over 3 months old now and we've been concerned about a rash he has.  Clearly he has an allergy to something.  Well, we had blamed chocolate as the culprit, much to my dismay.  His rash seemed to diminish slightly after about a week or so of eliminating it from my diet but then I got to thinking about how horrible Tide is as a detergent.  I spoke to a friend, who makes her own and realized, "hey! I can do this!"  So I am making my own detergent, we use ...

1 part borax

1 part washing soda

3 parts laundry bar soap

I've also read about people using ivory soap; it seems most anything you'd like will work fine.  If using the fels-naptha, slice into thin pieces and use a food processor to shred it.
And just as a side note - this detergent is not cloth diaper friendly. I've recently done some searching into that and discovered soap nuts but I have yet to discover where to buy them. And while we're making our own cleaners for home, check out this recipe for window cleaner.

1 part (optional) oxi-clean

The oxi-clean is helpful for stained or "roughly used" clothes.
If I have a stain rubbing some of the bar soap directly on the stain seems to work great!  Another popular soap option is

So my excited self decides to re-introduce chocolate into my diet because surely the evil Tide was to blame for his rash but little man very clearly, or I guess I should say splotchily, disagrees!!  His skin is sensitive, so making my own detergent is a great choice still, not to mention it's great for my pocket-book but apparently I still can't have chocolate.  So I sent my husband to purge the house of all chocolate last night while I slept.  His very well intentioned self went through and got all of it together but due to a slight change in plans this morning that left him a bit rushed while he went to work, he forgot all of it on the kitchen table. 
I'm up making my coffee this morning and there it all is, in one glorious, beautiful pile- taunting me!

For me, this journey of life is not complete without some chocolate;
at least this is only temporary!! 

What have you had to give up for your nurslings?

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  1. Turns out to be a bit more complicated than eliminating chocolate. I'm not really sure what he's allergic to. After much thought, I decided to go with the elimination diet to determine what the culprit is. I've taken out of my diet the "top 8" and a few others I am weary of. Here's to getting creative with my cooking!


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