Thursday, January 3, 2013

Technology in Childbirth

Each new year brings new knowledge and new technologies.
From stethascopes to continuous fetal monitoring, we've come a long way in childbirth but are all these advancements helping or hurting us.  With the introduction of continuous fetal monitoring came an increase in the c-section rate but no benefit to the health of baby.  From 2D ultrasounds to 3D ultrasounds; we can see so much more detail today but at what cost?  With these advancements we are losing the art of birth.  Experienced midwives on The Farm will tell you that they can guesstimate a baby's weight by palpation alone with just as much if not more accuracy than the technology.  If you consider pain management a technology, this is another change women face; their expectations changed all together.  What many women don't realize is that we are still learning the effects of epidurals and certain narcotics.

I challenge you- with everything offered to pregnant women today it's hard to filter through it all and know what's best for you and your baby, but this is your body, you birth!  Take charge of it- do your research.  Today, women will spend more time planning for their wedding than the birth of their baby and that shouldn't be.  Some things to consider while planning your birth-  Where you will birth, who you will have there, what procedures you will have done prenatally, how you will best embrace labor, birthing positions, newborn procedures and your postnatal care plan.  All of this to come in future blogs!  This is the start to a very important someone's Journey of Life, this is very important part of your very own journey.  Birth is one of the most transformative times in the lives of at the very least two people!

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