Monday, November 30, 2015

Well, I am just flabbergasted!

And did you know "flabbergasted" is a word in spell check?

I haven't blogged here in a while - since March to be exact, and I came back to this platform and discovered I have not only continued to have readers enjoying my posts, but my readers have grown and are visiting far more frequently than when I used to post regularly.

I'm not sure where you've all come from, but I'm glad your here. I apologize for having not made new content lately, I've been quite busy growing my family. We welcomed a beautiful little girl to our family of boys and her birth story can be found at my new blogging home.

So that, my friends, is why I am writing this post - if you have enjoyed what you've read here, follow me over at

Many of my initial posts may be writings inspired by posts and topics I have written here, but there will be fresh content as well.

Thank you for joining, and I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

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