Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mine is better than yours! {A product review}

My wonderful husband bought me a vacuum for my birthday.  Now before you get all mad at him, do understand, it's what I asked for! I have a mostly tile house and a couple small area rugs; so he chose for me the Shark MV3010 Navigator Elite Professional Vac or Steam Rotator  

It steams my tile and vacuums my rugs-- what more could I possibly need?
I'll tell you what more!! A do it all vacuum machine!!

So the other day, a representative from Kirby shows up at my door. They're "new in town and would like to demonstrate their product in hopes that I'll recommend and think highly of them."  Translation: infomercial in my house! But really, they offered to deep clean one room, tile or carpet, or one piece of furniture.  I welcomed a lovely gal named Dallas into our home offering my [hand-me-down] couch to be demonstrated on.  She breaks out this beefy looking, shiny handle and starts putting it togther, showing me all the shiny gizmos and puts it together to become a hunk of a tool, metal vacuum. She vacuumed and shampooed my couch, demonstrated the different attachment options on my mattress(!) and then she showed up my vacuum -my brand new $200 vacuum- on both the carpet and the tile.  Can Kirby steam? No, but it could pick up the dog food and pebbles my vacuum didn't even touch. Yes. Would I trade my Shark for Kirby? No.  Do I want a Kirby? Heck yes! Would I pay a few thousand dollars? I dunno... would you? It is quite the tool but I'm not sure how I feel about spending that much money on anything less amazing than Hawaii.

So, I'll line these two products up, side by side, and let you decide.

Shark Vac
Kirby Machine
Steam Cleans floors
Steam/2 vacuum modes/ one attachment
        A lot!
Vacuum up pebbles on hard tile
Deep cleans furniture
Corner ability
Power rating
1500 - 3000

Especially parenting young children, we have a lot of house cleaning to do on this Journey of Life.  Will you employ a Kirby??

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