Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Nursling and The Tyke

The relationship with your nusling is a beautiful one- a quiet time of bonding, snuggling and smiling eyes.

Imagine it. Breathe it in.
Do you have the blissful image in your head?
The toddler shrieks, the dog barks, a beach ball sails over the couch and hits you in the head.
So how do you keep the balance between nursing and bonding with your newest addition and the wonderful relationship with your tyke?


 25 "Big" Activities While Nursing


As a birth doula I provide my clients with big sibling kits; these include great items to keep the tyke entertained while you're nursing.  A camera for the tyke to take pictures, an activity book or coloring book, a sheet of stickers! They can even use these stickers on a sheet of paper with the hours of the day listed to help you keep track of nursing sessions.

Perhaps your tyke has a favorite TV show that comes on during a nursing session - enjoy the cuddle time. Enjoy a good book together.
Have a thumb war.
Photo courtesy of Aniron Photography
Play "I Spy"
A unique version of hide-and-go-seek includes a small toy, your tyke and a nursing session.

Practice an Amelia Bedelia task. -Keeps them laughing and gets a small chore done.

If your nursling will allow, let your tyke play "This Little Piggy" and sing nursery rhymes.

Tandem Nursing! -Advice and FAQ from KellyMom

Play "Simon Says"
Reminisce and tell stories with your tyke.
Think ahead and prep your tyke a snack to have while your nursling snacks.
Play "Red Light, Green Light"

I also bring my clients nursing baskets for them to keep water, snacks and nursing must haves nearby. A goodie basket with special toys that only come out when nursing is great for your tyke.

Let your tyke be a copy-cat and nurse his/her favorite doll.
Finger Knitting :-)
Play "Memory" - the card game.
Have a box of puzzles handy that your tyke can do on their own while you're nursing.
Paper and colors - let the creativity flow!

My favorite:  Nurse at the Park!

Bonding with the nursling & the tyke is a wonderful part of the Journey of Life. What's you best trick for this beautiful balancing act?

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