Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unplanned Unassisted {via Banned From Babyshowers}

Banned From Baby Showers: Indiana Couple Gives Birth in Their Bathroom -- ON ACCIDENT! (It's a Better News Story When it's Not Planned)

Donna Ryan, author of Banned From Baby Showers presents a great alternative title for "Emergency Childbirth"; as you might remember from another recent post of mine, semantics are incredibly powerful!

My favorite part of her post is her commentary on the response of the OB
that he'd never seen a baby born in "this good of shape born outside of the hospital".  He/she must have some magical powers to make babies be in "good shape" when they are born in the hospital!  Being born in the hospital does not mean that a baby will be in "better shape" than a baby born outside of the hospital. It's not a magical place.
It's a shame the shock value of this story - a shame that "it's a better news story when it's not planned" because every birth is beautiful whether it be at home, at a hospital, unassisted or attended by a professional. I would not consider an EMT one of those professionals and I cringe at the misinformation they are taught in school. My husband is on his way to becoming a firefighter and happens to be in the paramedics course this semester- let's just say that the "emergency" childbirth chapter of his school book is filled with sticky notes from me! Not only are they taught inappropriate ways to attend to an unplanned unassisted birth outside of the hospital but some of what they are taught can be down right harmful, if not at least traumatizing to the mother and un-beneficial for the baby. 

Banned From Baby Showers suggests that this couple, though they esteem this as a positive experience, may venture to opt for an induction for their next baby. I would like to hope they'll opt for a planned home birth.

Where was your baby born? Did you have an unassisted birth? Planned or unplanned?

For more information on [planned] unassisted birth visit Laura Shanley's Page 
or take an "undisturbed birth" class with Indie Birth 

Be Empowered on this Journey of Life!

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