Thursday, December 12, 2013

Slow Down and Breathe In The Moment

Seize the moment, don’t let the moment seize you
10 minutes could have been spent dancing around my living room with my children instead of rushing them about the house. 10 minutes I could have taken the time for a morning devotional or a simple prayer to start the day instead of complaining about the dishes that didn't get done.

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The next time you feel like you got absolutely nothing done, the next time the pile of laundry is bringing you down, or the dishes are shouting out 'failure' -- look at your day through colored lenses. Count the smiles you beheld instead of the tasks you forgot, the laughs you shared instead of the chores you didn't get to. 

Allow yourself to be blessed by the blessing of being a mother and give yourself due creditBlog link By Samantha Vickery © 2013 What's your perspective? Parenting is filled with moments of extreme happiness interspersed with moments of sheer frustration.....

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Seize the moment and view it from your child's perspective because the Journey of Life is awe inspiring. Take time to smell the flowers. Really. Pause and take the time.

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