Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Man, I Feel Like a Woman

In July of 2014, two days after that epic super moon that was engulfed by monsoon clouds, something awesome happened!! My monthly cycle returned!!

Wait a minute, you're calling that awesome?

Yes, yes I am. Hear me out.

My last cycle had been in November if 2011, prior to the conception of my youngest child. I'm sure many people have gone longer, especially if they've conceived on their first ovulation after having been with child and breastfeeding and then continuing on to birth and nurse again, maybe even tandem nurse their new baby and toddler. But for me, nearly 3 years had been long enough. While still nursing my 1 & 1/2 yr old, my body was beginning to feel not my own. I wasn't a person, especially not a woman; I was merely a vessel that lived and provided for another. My husband and I had thought about trying for another baby and often I heard, "well, you could stop breastfeeding" but that wasn't what I wanted.  Our breastfeeding relationship still continues but having resumed a part of my being, a part of my womanhood, it is a much happier relationship.

I'm so happy I allowed my body to act in just the way it needed. Just like birth, ovulation and the shedding if those eggs is a very personal part of a woman's life that deserves to be celebrated.

I'm sure, one day soon I may whine about the monthly visit from Mother Nature - but, perhaps not, for this time around, I have discovered something amazing!

Get ready for it....

I no longer carry around tampons.

I no longer worry of leaks or when I last attended to my feminine hygiene product.

I no longer am putting toxins in my body.

I've learned the location of my cervix. (Sad that it took until this experience discover this!)

It's so much easier than I expected it to be!

Upon return of my monthly cycle, I trekked over to Zoolikins and purchased a menstrual cup!

I highly recommend it

This doula also recommends celebrating your womanhood. That night, I treated myself to a nice dinner and simply felt amazing as my body resumed it's reproductive abilities. I felt so happy to be a woman, to be capable of growing and giving birth to new life. I really hope some day to have a daughter and celebrate this time of coming into womanhood with her. What will you, or have your done, to celebrate this time with your daughter?

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