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Why would we improve birth?

can't ban this vagina, vbac, improving birth, fundraising runs, 5kBirth is birth. It's perfect; without need of improvement. Right? Yes, of course. But, the care mothers and babies are receiving, here in the U.S., with our outrageous healthcare costs, during this beautiful part of life that sets the foundation for humanity, is in much need of improvement. Women deserve evidence-based care.

The mission behind the Rally to Improve Birth is not about convincing women to abandon the system. It’s not about hospital birth or home birth. It’s about bringing evidence-based care and humanity to childbirth – wherever that takes place.

There are some folks who refuse to be affected by the system; those who live off the grid and do choose their own path. Not everyone will birth their children unassisted, with no one else present. I understand the frustration with the system but the system isn’t all that it’s about – it’s about awareness. It’s about bringing the concept of evidence-based care to the average mother; the mother who might not realize she shouldn’t hire a surgeon for her normal, healthy, low-risk pregnancy; the mother who doesn’t know that 40 weeks is a guestimate and it’s common to go past; the mother who is told she is “not allowed” to have a vaginal birth.

As a vbac mom I know the frustration with the new statutesin Arizona and while I don’t agree with the changes in the system, it is at the very least something that has happened here; while they are nowhere near ideal, it has brought attention to the issue. Will I hire an LM under those regulations? I don’t know. Will I use our local birth center? I don’t know. Will I plan for an unassisted birth? I don’t know. Will I travel to Phoenix again, or Flagstaff? I don’t know. But look at that – I have options.

Every woman, in every situation has options. But so many don’t realize it. The Rally to Improve Birth, as it grows each year, is bringing attention to these very issues; the issues of induction and vbac and EFM and autonomy. It’s not just about wanting evidence-based care to be provided by health care providers but also about women understanding that there is such a thing as evidence-based care and that it is lacking in the U.S.
The theme this year, #breakthesilence is raising awareness to the birth trauma that happens every single day here! Women are #improvingbirthbecause they may have not received evidence-based care and they want now want to advocate for humanity in childbirth!

While some have thrown their arms up in the air and proclaimed their mission to be #abandonthesystem –not all women are going to do that and for those that don’t is sparking the change in providers, hospitals and consumers, which could bring evidence-based care and humanity in childbirth to the women who choose to remain part of the system.

Thank you for those who have shown your support and stand with the Rally to Improve Birth, bringing your wisdom and information to our rally attendees! I hope you'll join us for the first annual 5k Fun Run!!

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In love and service,

Rally Coordinator,

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  1. There is incredible power in consumer advocacy and is doing some incredible work to empower and organize consumer voices that are too often overpowered and overshadowed. Thank you for this post.


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